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A-1 Cement believes that a company can only do a job right if you also execute it safely. Safety forms a very important part in how A-1 Cement does its work, therefore, we have developed and implemented a very comprehensive safety program.

A-1 Cement is very proud of its safety track record. The company’s accidents and incidents record is one of the lowest and, thus, one of the best in the industry.

A-1 Cement is a member of ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association). ACSA has a very stringent industry code that one has to adhere to in order to receive one’s COR (Certificate of Recognition) status. A-1 Cement has had COR since 1999. This puts A-1 Cement in an elite category that tells its customers that it is a company that is committed to safety.

All A-1 Cement’s employees are trained to know and understand the need for, and importance of working safely.  We require pre-trip inspections and hazard assessment forms be completed prior to crews starting work on a job site.

Employees routinely attend training courses and also receive in-house safety training. Comprehensive safety training ensures that all employees stay up to date with the latest Health and Safety legislation, regulations, and practices.

A-1 Cement’s Management team is committed to continuously bettering our Health and Safety Program, by providing the necessary resources to all employees to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Our Safety

Our History

Like many Calgarians, Phil VanderVeen Sr., emigrated from Holland to Canada in the early 1950’s. For several years he worked as a laborer and supervisor for Dominion Construction. In 1956, with only a wheelbarrow on the roof of his car, and with his wife Lee, willing to do the bookkeeping, Phil Sr. went door-to-door offering to install concrete. Phil’s commitment to hard work and quality soon established A-1 Cement Contractors as a company that its customers could depend on.

Over the years, all of Phil and Lee’s seven children worked in various capacities at A-1 Cement. Then in 1985, Phil Jr. and his wife Linda purchased the company from Phil and Lee.  With a commitment to strong family values and a vision to see the business grow, Phil Jr. carried on the tradition of employing family members. Still true to this day, it is not unusual to see brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, sons or daughters working at A-1 Cement.


Since becoming President in 2019, and Partner with his wife Beckie in 2020, Phil Jr.’s son Russell Vanderveen has shown his commitment to carrying on the family legacy by providing meaningful jobs to many people including his own children and extended family, while also delivering high quality concrete work to thousands of customers. Together Russell and Beckie are committed to honoring Phil SR.’s passion or doing a job well and have a dedicated team of professionals who are aligned with the company’s core values.

In the span of over six decades, since our inception in 1956, we've witnessed remarkable advancements and worked through immense change. Our tools have been modernized, our equipment continuously upgraded, and our location shifted to meet evolving needs. Yet, amidst these changes, our promise to provide unparalleled concrete work remains unchanged. A-1's reputation rests upon the pillars of honesty, excellence, and Christian values. Throughout our corporate journey, we humbly acknowledge God's faithfulness as the cornerstone of our success."

Russell Vanderveen


Reg Versteeg

HR and Accounts Payable

Beckie Vanderveen

Managing Partner

Mark Kletzsch

North Supervisor

Travis Vanderveen


Ed Dabrowski


Laura Vink

Office Admin

German Zapata

South Supervisor

Trevor Lakatos

Project Manager

Fred Smith

Service Technician

Tanis Dods

Production Coordinator



Daria Holovina

Service Coordinator

Rocky Ford

Gravel and Weeping Tile Supervisor

Dan Smith



Meet the Team


Meet the Team

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